IIT Madras

I spent the best of 2014 in my faviourite lab, RISE, CSE dept of IITM.

I’m immensely thankful to Ravi sir to have given me the permission to work here.

I remember the first day, I sauntered in to meet my assigned mentor, ‘pp’ Prasanna. He helped me out, answered my most retarded questions. After asking certaining questions, I would be like shiit. I’m thankful for his fathomless patience.

A good friend of mine back from school days was already working there- Sharath along with his colelgemates Guru and Jyothi. After meeting guru, I swore off making PJs.

I met a lot of fascinating people here - ‘Shamsu’ Samsuddin, ‘Bulk’ Praveen, ‘Sharath’ Sharath. Shamsu was a chap I could have learnt a lot from. Always had a smiling face. Always offers an helpful hand. Praveen was a serious looking chap. He was from my batch, and I was always a little scared to disturb him while working because he looked dangerous. Sharath was the senior MS student here. Attended his lecture. Genius.

Boy, I felt welcomed :D

I was already short on time, I spent the majority of my time worrying about implementing things. I should have paid more attention to the theory and math part behind it.

I regularly met very interesting people working on different domains. Sabari - social network sentiment analysis, The RISE Lab was like a family. Apart from the general nerding out, we played football once and I went to a flute concert by Chaurasia that I immensely enjoyed.