The Month That Was

This April has probably been my most busiest and productive month ever.

It was GSOC time. GSOC is… google it nub. I had been planning on participating in GSOC for a year now. However, I was quite confident I didn’t have have the required skills. I was told to atleast give it a try by the #h-i-ers. So I started scouting around. After a lot of searching, I realized the only thing I knew was Python + a little bit of GUI.

And then I found PiTiVi on the GNOME ideas page. I hanged around #pitivi and had a look at their wiki. Thankfully, it was built on py + gtk (+ gst). So I had a look through their idea and bug lists and submitted the proposal. I must have slept for around 4.5 hours at night that week. The rest I compensated for at college :)

And then we had our “First Official #c-h Alliance Round Table Conference” at Elliots Beach which was attended by all the regional Pirate/Ninja overlords. I met idlecool, Sup3rkiddo and Stattrav in person for the first time. I also got my first epic portrait with Sup3rkiddo’s depreciated value DSLR. And then yuvi tells me I would need a patch to get into GNOME and I went into overdrive trying to find an easy bug.

YuviPanda wanted to do something semantic on MediaWiki, idlecool applied for Sahana and gsathya applied for Orbot - TOR Android client.

I finally found The only difficult part was finding the correct classes and functions. I submitted 2 patches which turned out to be “technically correct but wrong from the user’s perspective”. So I went back and just modified it a little bit and Voila! it worked. I submitted the patch and it officially became my FIRST PATCH EVAAAH.

This whole month, I don’t remember studying anything at home and apart from doing my record work, I didn’t touch my college books. Now I have to get back to my books as the end sem exam is approaching. As of writing this post, GSOC acceptance is 1 day, 11 hours, 53 minutes and 11 seconds away and gsathya is feeling extremely anxious and tensed :P.  I’m feeling quite calm. #h-i also looks surprisingly peaceful.