Why I use Linux

Whenever I tell someone I use Linux, they go like “BUT WHAAAI ?”. They imagine me to be a pony-tail sporting commie who worships Richard Stallman, listens to Death Metal and holds a grudge against Bill Gates.

Well, they are mistaken.

I have nothing against Windows. I think its a very stable and user friendly OS. Its just that I’m a little paranoid. Too many times in life, I’ve had my data die on me. On an average, every 8 months, I had to reinstall Windows because something corrupted it. Everybody in my family wants to have admin access and end up installing malware which I had to fix.

After some time.. I was like “BLEH. I’m switching.”

I’ve been on Ubuntu for a year now and was on Fedora previously. I’m currently considering switching back to Fedora due to Ubuntu’s Unity fiasco.

The good part about Ubuntu is its Mac OSXish looks.  Also, there are comparatively very few malware around and you would REALLY have to be stupid to accidentally install one. Not many people are comfortable using it and your family usually prefers Windows (This may be set to change due to ELCOT evangelising OpenSUSE KDE to State Govt employees ).

Since only a small percentage of desktops run on Linux, malware writers prefer to concentrate on Windows and Macintosh. This is a really good thing and I don’t want this to change any time soon.

Also, Ubuntu is like the programmers dream. Almost all libraries/compilers/frameworks are available on the repository. You don’t have to compare checksums and GPG keys. But sometimes it tends to be outdated.

Now for the bad. No decent games. There is no CS / TF2 for Linux. This is a really sad thing. I used to frequently play it before. Although all it would take is a reboot, I’m usually to lazy to do that. Also no Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is serious FAIL. Compatibility is very bad and the formatting is worse. Windows obviously has more applications available and I miss those.