IIT Madras

I spent the best of 2014 in my faviourite lab, RISE, CSE dept of IITM.

I’m immensely thankful to Ravi sir to have given me the permission to work here.

I remember the first day, I sauntered in to meet my assigned mentor, ‘pp’ Prasanna. He helped me out, answered my most retarded questions. After asking certaining questions, I would be like shiit. I’m thankful for his fathomless patience.

A good friend of mine back from school days was already working there- Sharath along with his colelgemates Guru and Jyothi. After meeting guru, I swore off making PJs.

I met a lot of fascinating people here - ‘Shamsu’ Samsuddin, ‘Bulk’ Praveen, ‘Sharath’ Sharath. Shamsu was a chap I could have learnt a lot from. Always had a smiling face. Always offers an helpful hand. Praveen was a serious looking chap. He was from my batch, and I was always a little scared to disturb him while working because he looked dangerous. Sharath was the senior MS student here. Attended his lecture. Genius.

Boy, I felt welcomed :D

I was already short on time, I spent the majority of my time worrying about implementing things. I should have paid more attention to the theory and math part behind it.

I regularly met very interesting people working on different domains. Sabari - social network sentiment analysis, The RISE Lab was like a family. Apart from the general nerding out, we played football once and I went to a flute concert by Chaurasia that I immensely enjoyed.

VIT Gravitas '12 Grid Solver

We competed in the VIT Gravitas Grid Solver competition which was held on 15th and 16th. We built a small bot using a CD cover as a base. Mechanical foo was done by Vignesh Pandian of ECE. We used an Arduino board and a reflectance array. We programmed the bot from scratch. Prelims was a cake. However, the finals track was a little faulty at one region and the bot did not detect the line. We could not get it working in the trial time. We then hard-coded a delay and were prepared to manually intervene if the bot went ofcourse. We also slowed down the bot in this area. Thankfully, it worked correctly and we completed the course in the shortest amount of time without any penalties.

Also, point to note - three of us were newbies. We had no prior experience and we built the bot in 5 days. Our original intention was just to participate and to roam around the awesome campus :)

GSoC 2012 - Tor Project

For GSoC 2012, I worked under the Tor Project. Project Proposal

Vidalia is a qt application for the Tor client. Vidalia alpha includes the Qt Scripting Engine which allows users to write their own plugins to work with Vidalia. Certain Vidalia features which are not considered as “core” is being moved into plugins.

I worked on the hidden service configuration and bandwidth scheduling plugins. I’m particularly proud about the bandwidth scheduler as it is an oft-requested feature for Tor. It allows users to set bandwidth limits for different times and days of the week. This is particularly useful when user has bandwidth caps or if user requires full bandwidth during certain periods of the day.

Both the plugins have been merged into Vidalia plugins git repo.

Summer of '12

Summer went exceedingly well and I’m done with 2/3 of the goals. Also got selected into Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest :)


He spent 19 years living by perceived rules in his own little cage. He ended up as a person he wasn’t and in a place he never wanted to be in.

Then one day he woke up and realized that everything ends and he didn’t want it to end it this way.

He broke free. He lived.